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AURIN Investment for Impact: The Park Life Project

AURIN has funded new critical eInfrastructure for open space research, generating new, nationally consistent, data and improving existing analysis and visualisation tools. This will enable Australia’s research community to address complex urban and regional planning issues in Australia and find solutions that create positive impacts for our towns, cities and communities. Public open spaces are […]

In Progress: Adding Built Environments to Climate Models

Three maps, each showing a quality (e.g. vegetation, building coverage) over latitude and longitude

Maps of Sydney according to various descriptors | Image supplied. With data made available through AURIN, researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) are working to incorporate more detailed features of the built environment into existing climate models. This will provide a basis for a better understanding of how urban areas both impact […]

AURIN welcomes Rohit Gupta

We are pleased to welcome Rohit Gupta as AURIN’s new Data/Data Science Officer. Rohit is part of the Data and the Data Science Team, where he works on data engineering and research aspects to build upon AURIN’s capability for the urban, regional, and social science research community. “I was looking for an opportunity where I […]

AURIN welcomes T’Mir Julius

We are pleased to welcome T’Mir Julius as AURIN’s new Systems Administrator. T’Mir is the first member of AURIN’s new eInfrastructure team, which will develop the next generation of AURIN capability for the urban, regional and social science research community. “I’m so excited to be a part of a project that’s striving to use world-class, […]

AURIN welcomes new board member Alison Rose

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Alison Rose to the AURIN Management Board. Alison brings with her valuable leadership experience and industry expertise from roles across the public and private sectors, including her current role as Chief of Geoscience Australia’s Place, Space and Communities division. There is a natural alignment between the missions […]

AURIN welcomes new Media Officer Scott Limbrick

We are pleased to welcome Scott Limbrick as AURIN’s new Media Officer. Scott will join the Outreach and Communications Team, assisting their work in communicating the research impacts of urban, regional, and social researchers. “It’s great to see how AURIN has contributed to research capacity in Australia on vital urban and regional issues, particularly as […]

Scientific Advisory Committee to strengthen urban and social data science

We are pleased to announce AURIN’s newly formed Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC brings together renowned experts across the urban and social science fields who will advise AURIN on strategic priorities and opportunities that will lead to better delivery of first-class research infrastructure to enable leading-edge research. The inaugural SAC members have deep expertise […]

AURIN welcomes new Outreach & Communications Manager Lara Brown

We are pleased to announce that Lara Brown has joined us as AURIN’s Outreach and Communications Manager. Lara will lead the Outreach and Communications Team in connecting with researchers and academics to understand their research needs, enabling us to expand and improve our research infrastructure. Lara and her team will help implement recommendations made in […]

Employment Vulnerability in the Arts and Recreation Sector

SUMMARY Arts and Recreation Services have been one of the most disrupted sectors affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so far in 2020. Closure and restrictions have hampered the regular operation and use of cultural and sports venues, including museums, galleries, theatres, gyms and stadiums. According to the latest ABS Payroll Jobs and Wages Index data […]