AURIN engages with research groups and organisations across the country to empower cutting edge research into Australian towns and cities, and to provide the data and analytical environments needed to answer the big questions about our communities.

High Impact Projects

The AURIN High Impact Projects program delivers new tools, services, and datasets to extend the AURIN infrastructure and improve our understanding of complex urban and regional issues.

We fund projects that create impact beyond research—think economic, societal or policy impact—and represent all aspects of urban and regional research areas such as housing, transport, land use, economy, climate, planning, social policy, infrastructure, health, and demographics.

Australian Urban Health Indicators (AusUrb-HI)

Australian Urban Health Indicators (AusUrb-HI) is a collaboration between NCRIS facilities, AURIN and PHRN, and researchers, that will develop a suite of new indicator data assets that improve the understanding of the health of Australian urban and regional populations.

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Australian Transport Research Cloud (ATRC)

The Australian Transport Research Cloud (ATRC) is a collaboration between Australian researchers, planners and policy makers from academia, government and industry, that will deliver data and tools to accelerate transport research and impacts across Australia.

Built Environments Biodiversity Project

The Built Environments Biodiversity Project is acollaboration with the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA), Federation University and BirdLife Australia.

Dr. Birgita Hansen (Federation University) will lead the Valuing Urban Wetlands project, which combines citizen science observational data and land use data to quantify the value of urban wetlands.

Network partners

AURIN has developed a national network of collaborators across academia, government and industry.  The AURIN Workbench is built by researchers for researchers, with data, computational infrastructure and analytical tools contributed our partners across the country.