AURIN Strategy 2019 - 2023

AURIN engages with research groups and organisations across the country to empower cutting edge research into Australian towns and cities, and to provide the data and analytical environments needed to answer the big questions about our communities.

Having secured funding through to 2023, we have developed a strategy with our partners and network to ensure we lead the sector in spatial capabilities and invest in ensuring real world impacts from the research outcomes of AURIN researchers.

AURIN will take full advantage of and develop capabilities in:

Emerging technologies, such as: the Internet of Things (IoT); digital twins; real-time sensor data streams; machine learning and artificial intelligence;
3- 4D data; drone, LIDAR and satellite data; and data collected through personal devices (e.g., movement, infrastructure use, health);

Connectivity to existing, new and dynamic data suppliers at the optimum resolutions for the researcher community;

Predictive capability to help researchers understand likely future scenarios through tools including: predictive analytics (3D); synthetic population modelling and scenario modelling; spatio-temporal mapping and visualisation.

Robust data governance, including licencing systems that permit connections to federal government departments as well as multinational data collections (AirBnB, Google etc). Data mobilisation and co-production are both key elements in AURIN’s future, that present significant licensing challenges. Blockchain technology is also emerging as a practical solution to the problem of storing, authenticating and protecting data.

AURIN will focus on 7 key strategic priorities:


AURIN’s technological platforms and capabilities


Easily accessed, analysed & visualised


Connect researchers & enhance geospatial skills


Strengthen reputation as a leader in spatial information systems


Develop a sustainable business model


Maintain a well-governed and respected organisation


Invest in our team to lead the spatial sector.

Next Steps


We will continue to develop and implement our Strategic Plan and Implementation Roadmap for the next four years.  We will maintain an agile approach to continue to grow and adapt for our researchers and partners needs.

Download the AURIN Strategic Plan

Learn more about our Strategic Plan and Implementation Roadmap, download the full document here