ABS Historic Data Coming Soon!

The AURIN Data Team have been working diligently to bring you ABS data from the 1981, 1986, 1991 and 1996 census. It will be made available through our AURIN Workbench soon.

Why historical census data? 

Gathering this data in one place and preparing it for analysis and spatial decision making will enable the research community from government, academia and industry to access and analyse data across time and space in one easy place, the AURIN Workbench.  This is the first time that this extent of data across time is being made freely available to researchers.
The data team have run this data through our strict metadata standards and data preparation procedures.  This ensures the data is clean, relevant for your research and interoperable with other datasets.  The metadata will help researchers navigate the varying geographies that this data has been collected at and ascertain the best way to interrogate it.  Helping us make informed decisions about future services and  infrastructure in urban environments based on accurate statistical and evidence-based analysis.

The possibilities for researchers are endless.  As seen above it will be possible to produce maps and display changes over time.  This image was produced by accessing and mapping ABS data in the AURIN Portal.  It depicts the number of individuals who have gained some level of tertiary education.
This additional 800+ datasets will bring our total AURIN datasets total to over 5000 !!  That’s a lot of data, and it’s all coming soon to the AURIN Workbench.