A new Director for AURIN

The AURIN Team is pleased to introduce our new Director, Prof. Jane Hunter.  Jane is taking over interim management whilst we aim to complete the appointment of a permanent director, in the second half of 2019. During her posting at AURIN, Jane will be driving our Strategic Review, Technical Review, Governance Review and our internal Data Review.  The outcomes of this suite of reviews will inform the strategic direction of AURIN and the datasets and services it will provide to the urban and social science research communities during 2019-2023.
Jane’s aim is to kickstart the rejuvenation of AURIN’s platform so it employs the latest innovative approaches to satisfy urban research needs.  Solutions such as Cesium 3D geospatial mapping and analysis, real time data streams and predictive modelling tools can all help researchers optimise research outcomes and ensure livability and sustainability for Australian cities.
Jane was previously the Director of the eResearch Group at the University of Queensland from 2005 and brings 13 years’ experience to her role at AURIN from managing complex technical projects and building project teams that have successfully delivered large scale data management platforms and eResearch services.  Her experience spans disciplines ranging from protein crystallography and ecosystem monitoring through to architectural history, Indigenous housing, art conservation and literary studies.
Jane has been a part of AURIN’s development since its establishment in 2010, she was an active member of our Stakeholder Committee, Technical Review Committee and our Academic Sub-committee.  Her extensive experience in both eResearch and the AURIN project positions Jane as an effective and insightful leader to take AURIN through to the next phase.
Jane was awarded her PhD (in Computer Science) from the University of Cambridge in 1994 and has held positions on national and international committees including Chair of Academy of Sciences National Committee for Data in Science (NCDS), Member of the Executive of the International Committee on Data for Science and technology (CODATA), Member of the ICSU World Data System (WDS) Scientific Committee (2011-2015), and Vice President of Executive Committee of Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (AADH).
With over 150 peer-reviewed publications at highly ranked conferences and journals under her belt and a competitive research grant track record, Jane is well placed to identify and support the needs of researchers.  Through leading and contributing to a wide range of data management and analysis projects, Jane has the ability to prioritise tools and platforms critical for data driven modelling and evidence-based policy making by urban researchers, planners and policy-makers.
We look forward to working with Jane to deliver robust, scalable and sustainable e-Infrastructure that delivers urban intelligence for Australia.