The AURIN Data Provider (ADP) facilitates programmatic access to AURIN’s Data Catalogue, over Web Feature Services (WFS), for authenticated Australian researchers, streamlining access to health, transport, housing, economic, land use, demographic, and an extensive catalogue of other data.

The ADP is the first part of the development of the next-generation of AURIN eInfrastructure for Australia’s spatial data analytics, modelling and tools.

Please note that AURIN uses the Australian  Access Federation (AAF) to authenticate users. If you are from an AAF listed organisation (users with an email address) you can already download data and login to the Dashboard.

If not (for example, you have a, or other email address), please note that you will need to apply for an AAF Virtual Home (VHO) Account before you can download data and login to the dashboard and generate Data Provider credentials. Apply for a VHO account here.