AURIN Data Catalogue

The AURIN Data Catalogue can be accessed at: https://data.aurin.org.au 

This User Guide covers the following topics:

Searching by keywords

The Data Catalogue can be searched using words relating to your study theme.

For example, to find datasets relating to bicycle usage, you can enter the word “bike” in the search box and click the magnifying glass or hit Enter to obtain a list of matching datasets with the keyword “bike”.

Browsing by organisation

You can also browse for datasets by their organisations.

Click on “Organisations” to view all data sources in the Data Catalogue and then click on an organisation to view its datasets.

Browsing by groups

You can also browse for datasets by their thematic group. The access controls are explained in the description of each group.

Narrowing by geographic area

To filter the list of datasets, you can define a geographic area of interest using the Data Catalogue’s map draw tool. For example, when in the datasets view, through clicking the pencil icon on the map insert, drawing a box around Tasmania, then clicking Apply, the search results will be limited to datasets that have coverage in that area.

Viewing dataset information

You can find out more information about a dataset by viewing its metadata. To do this, click on a dataset and scroll down to view its Abstract and Additional information.

In the additional information section, there is information about that datasets source, last update date, license and more. The ADP ID can be used for data downloading through the AURIN Data Provider, as is explained in the Explore User Guides linked at the bottom of this Guide.

Download a dataset

You can download a dataset from the AURIN Data Catalogue in different ways, including direct download through the AURIN Download Manager :

  • Navigate to the Data and Resources section of a dataset entry in the Data Catalogue.
  • Click into Explore, then Go to resource
  • In the Download Manager, fill in your Data Provider credentials and select your desired file format to download the data in, then hit Download.

Please note, if you do not already have your own unique Data Provider credentials, please go to the AURIN Data Provider (ADP) Access Dashboard and generate your credentials. For more information on how to do this, please read through our ADP Access Dashboard User Guide.

Other ways to download and interact with data from the AURIN Data Catalogue include the use of GIS applications and programming languages, to find out more read through the below User Guides:



GIS applications



Programming languages