Data for the Northern Territory

The AHURI National Housing Conference, held in Darwin recently, gave AURIN the opportunity to develop a network of users and data sources from the Top End. The NHC was the first time that AURIN has visited the Northern Territory as part of its Outreach and Engagement program, and the time we spent there resulted in several great outcomes across different strands of the organisation’s core business.

As part of the National Housing Conference, we hosted an AURIN Workbench Training session for delegates of the conference from local government, Northern Territory government and the NGO/Not for Profit sector working in the housing space. This was a well attended event, and in keeping with the housing theme of the conference, the workshop was the ideal space for the first showcasing of the Ask Izzy data recently ingested into the AURIN Workbench in partnership with Infoxchange (you can sign up to get access to the data here, in addition to other high value datasets related to homelessness and housing, such as the AIHW’s Specialist Homeless Services and Mental Health Services collections.

As well as providing a new cohort of AURIN users the right skills to get them up and running on the AURIN Workbench, the workshop provided fertile ground for some great conversations about the needs of the housing research sector (government, academic and NFP alike) with respect to data access. As an outcome of this workshop, AURIN will be working with community housing providers across Australia to make as much data about social and community housing as widely available as possible to have some impacts in housing research and policy.

In addition to addressing housing data challenges, we used our time in the Northern Territory to build connections with local and territory government organisations to highlight the potential impacts of using AURIN in their ecosystem of policy-making and research tools.

We are currently in the process of ingesting a range of the open datasets provided by The City of Darwin through their Open Data platform  AURIN  With over 30 datasets already in the pipeline – including high value smart city water sensor data – this represents one of the largest tranches of local government data brought into the AURIN Workbench – and the first instance of Northern Territory specific data being brought online into the workbench for use by the academic and research community.

AURIN’s next goal will be to appraise and ingest the datasets from the Northern Territory’s Open Data platform, including data related to educational achievement and outcomes across the Territory.

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