AURIN and Geoscape announce partnership to provide access to affordable built environment data

AURIN is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Geoscape Australia to enable access to their high-quality data products for researchers.

Geoscape combines authoritative government data with spatial data derived from satellite and aerial imagery to deliver a clear picture of our cities, regional centres, and rural communities as they change. Geoscape location data represents buildings, addresses, land parcels, transport networks, surface features, postcode boundaries and administrative boundaries across Australia’s 7.6 million square kilometres.

“AURIN is pleased to enable access to Geoscape’s data, which is reliable and comes from a single source, traverses a connected data ecosystem, saves time, increases productivity, and empowers researchers to solve problems and identify opportunities. Through our partnership, the location data will be made even more accessible and affordable to researchers across Australia,” said Aaron Magri, Commercial Partnerships Lead, AURIN.

Researchers can also access an SA2 of their choice through the AURIN Portal to view attributes and ascertain if these align with their research goals and methods. This data is spatialised and can be interrogated alongside the 5000+ datasets currently available through the AURIN platform.

“We are glad to support AURIN in providing our location data products to researchers and support the high impact research within educational institutions and not-for-profit organisations (NFPs) across Australia. Geoscape partners play a significant role in the national data ecosystem. They are equipped with the skills to build high-quality solutions across these rich data assets. We are happy to have AURIN as our key partner,” said Michael Dixon, Chief Data Officer, Geoscape.

AURIN looks forward to the high-impact research that can be made possible with these cutting-edge data products.

If you have any queries on how you can access Geoscape data to help drive your research or to request a quote, please contact us using the details below.


AURIN provides eInfrastructure and expert eResearch support for urban, regional and social science researchers in academia, government and industry.

We facilitate the development, deployment and long-term support of advanced data, analytical methods, simulation models and visualisation capability for the adoption of high-impact research within government and industry across Australia.

About Geoscape

Geoscape Australia delivers the power of location, taking the guesswork out of location data, enabling you to make better sense of the world. Geoscape Australia is a trusted source of accessible location data—from national data to a small area of interest. Whether you need data on addresses, buildings, solar panels, trees, swimming pools, land cover, or more, Geoscape has it all covered.

Geoscape delivers timely, accessible, and reliable data that enables innovation and insight. Their data powers new technologies, products and processes that help improve productivity and stimulate economic growth.


Lara Brown
Outreach and Communications Manager, AURIN
+61 435 232 988

Anjali Srivastava
Marketing and Communications Manager, Geoscape
+61 2 6260 9000