AURIN and the Humanities and Social Sciences Data Enhanced Virtual Lab

Sometimes to move forward we need to take a step back. AURIN is currently working with several teams from the Humanities Arts and Social Sciences to modernise historical census and crime data. When combined this data will enable new insights into how Australian societies have formed and changed over time.

The key outcomes from the project will be increased cooperation between HASS platforms: eResearch SA Limited, Australian Data Archive, Alveo, Griffith University, AARNet and TROVE along with tools required for improved data curation processes for better reuse, reproduction and publishing of datasets underpinned with a combined skills and training activities. The project received $625,000 from ANDS, Nectar and RDS through their joint DEVL/RDC program. That funding has been further boosted by another $475,000 in co-investment by project partners, taking the project’s total investment to $1.1 million. 

As an early deliverable with the support of the ABS AURIN has published the 1996 census and looks forward to working with researchers to see how this data can be used. This data is now available via the AURIN Open API and Portal. We encourage you to ‘take a step back in time’ and see just how powerful this data can be.

Read more about the project here:

$1.1 million funding for Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Data Enhanced Virtual Lab