AURIN Workbench



Free and open AURINMap with national data layers from various data partners covering subjects such as population and demographics, health and wellbeing, socio-economic indices, vulnerability indicators and access to services.

Data is generously shared by AURIN’s data partners and visualised by AURIN Data team.

Download data, visualise with various base maps, embed maps in your website and explore other national data resources NationalMap, AREMI and NEII Viewer.

The AURIN Portal contains a rich range of data and analytical tools.

Over 2000 datasets from more than 80 data providers can be retrieved through the AURIN Portal and over 100 analytical and visualisation tools provide extensive scope for spatialising, integrating, manipulating and mapping diverse data from across the full gamut of research disciplines.

The AURIN Portal is accessible to everyone with an Australian Access Federation (AAF) login, which means everyone with a account and staff from other public research institutions such as the CSIRO.

If you have a email address request a free account here.




Data Discovery

 Browse the growing list of all datasets accessible through the AURIN Portal.

Over 1,200 datasets from hundreds of sources covering a wide range of disciplines.

With AURIN’s unique federated system, the data stays with the data custodian,  allowing researchers to browse the data before accessing or downloading custom datasets.


 AURIN’s portfolio of decision-support products includes tools to enable better evidence-based policy development and decision-making and more sophisticated analysis.

Using cutting-edge simulation and scenario-planning techniques, these tools provide the opportunity to explore new ideas for urban growth and planning and enable a new level of creativity to be brought to bear on the planning process.


Tools were funded and developed in partnership with members of the AURIN Network.