TIMETABLE: Microsimulation Symposium

4th DecemberDay 1- Presentations 
10-10:30OpeningRobert Stimson
10:30-11:30How we calculated the small area data on theAURIN portal Robert Tanton
11:30-12:30HouseMod using SpatialMSMBen Phillips
1:30-2:30Modelling heat consumption in GermanyEsteban Muñoz
2:30-3:30Electricity consumption using spatial microsimulationBen Anderson
3:30-4pm[Afternoon Break]
4-5pmDemographic modelling with SpatialMSMRobert Tanton
5th DecemberDay 2 - SpatialMSM Workshops 
10-11am'Real-time' resilience indicators for Australian citiesRobin Lovelace
11-middayBig Data in R TutorialRobin Lovelace
1-1:30Presentation on Spatial MSMRobert Tanton
1:30-2:30Tutorial on Spatial MSMRobert Tanton
2:30-3pm[Afternoon Break]
3-4pmSpatial Microsimulation: an Example with German DataEsteban Muñoz