The Development of an Online What if? GIS-based Planning Support System A Western Australian Demonstrator…


This project will convert the existing desktop proprietary version of What if? 2.0 planning support system (PSS) that has been used by over 150 users in 22 countries into an online open source GIS- based planning support tool that will be hosted on the AURIN portal. The online What if? PSS will be initially developed and tested in Western Australia working with data providers and planners from within the Western Australia Government. The online What if? PSS resource will also be applicable to other cities and regions across Australia.


There is clearly a need for generic tools to support strategic planning of urban growth occurring in the major cities and regional centres across Australia. Such generic tools are often referred to as planning support systems (PSS) and can be used to inform strategic planners on the impact of population growth and other socioeconomic factors on the future of Australian cities. These PSS required a number of GIS data inputs to which the AURIN project is facilitating access including: land parcel boundaries, land uses, building footprints, demographic and economic trends, and so on. These inputs are also required to determine the suitability of land for accommodating future development – another important consideration for strategic planners in local authorities and state government agencies throughout Australia. Land


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  • An online open source version of the current What if? PSS to be accessible via the AURIN portal
  • An innovative demonstrator application of What if? for strategic planning in Western Australia
  • User manual and training of the What-if? AURIN tool for planners and policy-makers


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