navigating the aurin portal interface

Once you have logged in to the AURIN Portal, you will be greeted by the main map interface, which looks something like the image below. The numbers in the image represent elements of the portal interface that you may find interesting or useful as you navigate your way through the portal.

1. The Map Interface

The AURIN Portal is presented in a map-based format, which allows you to zoom, pan and navigate with either your trackpad or click wheel, or through the or – zoom function buttons at the top left of the map. The red boundary on your map indicates the area of geography that you have selected for your study.

2. Select Your Area

You can choose what your study area is by the navigation box that appears when you first log in. This can be reopened at any point by clicking on any of the rows in the Area panel. Comprehensive information about how to select your area can be found here.

3. Select Your Data

You can acquire your data by using the options present under the Data panel. Comprehensive information about how to select your area can be found here.

4. Visualise Your Data

You can create maps and interactive charts from your data by using the options present under the Visualise panel. Comprehensive information on visualisations can be found here.

5. Analyse Your Data

You can undertake simple and sophisticated analyses of your data by using the options present under the Analyse panel. Comprehensive information on analysis tools can be found here.

6. The Help Button

On the top right of the portal is the Help button, which will link out to the AURIN Help pages that you are currently browsing. Wherever you see a Green Question Mark (?), this will also link out to the appropriate help page associated with that part of the portal.


Clicking on the MyAURIN link will bring up a menu (shown below) with a number of options. Here you can import and export projects, create a new project, rename your project (always a good idea if you’re creating lots of projects!) and open up a different project from your project list.

8. Report An Issue

If you come across a bug or a problem with the portal, please report an issue to the AURIN team by clicking on the Report an Issue button.

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