The Geocode tool lets you convert addresses to their respective spatial locations (latitude and longitude), by finding the address in the PSMA Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) database.



For this worked example, we will run the Geocode tool on the addresses of three post offices in Newcastle, NSW.

Prepare a CSV file with an address field in the format shown below.

Note that ‘ID’ in the header must be uppercase, and your address field must be enclosed with double quotes.

196 Hunter St, Newcastle, NSW, 2300
2Shop 30 136 Parry St, Newcastle West, NSW 2302
329 Mitchell St, Stockton, NSW, 2295

You can download a CSV of the data here.



Import your CSV into the AURIN Portal.

Give it a meaningful Title and Abstract. Choose Non-Aggregated for Aggregation Level and ID as the Key as shown below.

Once your dataset has been imported, it is important to check to see if it was a successful upload. Your dataset will look like the table below.

Navigate to the Geocode tool (Tools → Spatial Tools → Geocode) and enter the parameters as follows.

  • Addresses Dataset: The dataset that you would like to geocode. Select your Imported CSV.
  • Address Field: The field containing the address. Select address1.
  • Once you have added these parameters click Run Tool.

A summary of the inputs required to explore our case can be viewed in the image below.



Once your tool has run, click on the spanner icon for the output dataset and click Display on Map.

Select the colours you would wish for the points and click Update and Display, it will look like the map below.


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