Sort By Variable

The Sort By Variable tool enables you to sort a column in your dataset by a chosen variable for your output and can help you prepare your data for use in other external applications.

Take note that sorting by variables can also take place within the attribute window, however, this will not affect the data you export from the AURIN Portal. Futhermore, if the dataset you use contains geometry attributes, this will be removed in the output of this tool, therefore it is suggested to use datasets that coordinate with statistical regions to preserve their spatial information.


To demonstrate this tool, we will import a data set measuring businesses involved in tourism in Western Australia and reorganise the data in respect to the local government area (LGA) with the most tourism businesses.

Select Western Australia as your area.

Select Tourism Research Australia – Businesses (LGA) 2018 as your dataset, selecting the following attributes:

  • LGA Name
  • LGA Code
  • Tourism Businesses Total

Add the dataset to your map.


Open the Sort By Variable tool (Tools → Data Processing → Sort By Variable). Use the inputs as follows:

  • Dataset input: Choose the imported dataset. Select Tourism Research Australia – Businesses (LGA) 2018.
  • Variable to Sort By: Which attribute you want to sort your dataset by. Select Tourism Businesses Total.

Finally, select Run Tool.


Your data will be organised by the count of businesses participating in tourism in ascending order. Below is an example of your data before and after:

Inputs before using the Sort By Variable tool
Outputs after using the Sort By Variable tool
















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