Accessing the AURIN API via Python

The goal of this tutorial is to introduce how to use python to connect to AURIN API and download data. This is designed with no prerequisite of python or API experiences.

The AURIN Application Programming Interface (API) is an interface that allows you to use program codes to interact and access AURIN datasets. You can send a request to AURIN API using python codes and get a response to download specific datasets. If you’d like to get more information about API, please check API or What is an API?

AURIN Data Provider is based on Open Geospatial Consortium Web Feature Service (WFS) Interface Standards. With an API key, AURIN’s data repository is at your fingertips.

Before commencing this step, please ensure you have signed up to the AURIN Data Provider and obtained your username and password.

Step 1: Choices for Python environment

Cloud environment recommendations:

  •  Option 1: SWAN in the Cloudstor This free cloud service is accessible via the Australian Access Federation (AAF).
  •  Option 2: Google Colab  This is a free Google research environment for users with a Google account. Google Colab has tutorials for you to learn the basics about this cloud environment.

Local Environment