AURIN is an invaluable resource for Australia’s spatial humanities researchers, urban and strategic planners, and policy-makers interested in the places where Australians live. In addition to being the leading human settlement data and analytical resource for the academic and government sector, AURIN comprises a world-leading network of experts covering every aspect of Australian communities, as well as an authoritative resource on spatial methods and spatial technologies.

We encourage you to think about how best you might leverage our strengths to assist you in your own research projects. We adopt a flexible approach to our partnerships, and we are willing to fit into your agenda in a way that bolsters your chance of securing funding and publications. We can engage with you as a full research partner and investigator, provide in kind support, or potentially direct funding. We are enthusiastic about acting as a data release advocate, to ensure that you have access to right datasets to support your research, and we are happy to leverage our network to ensure you have access to experts who provide an additional edge to your work.

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AURIN has been involved as a key partner in a number of large eResearch and digital infrastructure projects, from metropolitan to national scale. Many of these projects have been in partnership with other NCRIS capabilities, digital scholarship and eResearch infrastructure at universities, and policy centres at local, state and federal government. Have a browse of some of our larger project partnerships at the link below


AURIN can provide value in helping you secure funding for your research agenda. From time to time AURIN provides small funding grants for:

  • The generation of valuable datasets for the wider benefit of the research community;
  • The development undergraduate and postgraduate teaching material which incorporates the AURIN workbench as its main platform for delivery; or
  • The establishment of state-based data capabilities connected to AURIN, which provide value to evidence-based decision making within a local context.

Click here for current AURIN funding opportunities, or contact AURIN to discuss your specific funding requirements.

Additionally, you may wish to include AURIN in your funding applications for programs such as the ARC Linkage or Discovery Grants. The following text should be included in your application. We also strongly recommend that you make contact with the AURIN Outreach team (email here) to discuss your funding application and how we can provide you with the best chance of securing your funding.

This project will use the AURIN framework to source data and publish data outputs. AURIN is a federally funded NCRIS project ( which provides a federated eResearch infrastructure connecting the domains of academia, government and industry. The project connects researchers to thousands of datasets, both free and open, and also has the capacity for the securitisation, de-identification and access to point-level data and aggregated datasets.

teaching collaborations

AURIN is committed to assisting undergraduate and postgraduate educators with the development of high quality teaching material which incorporates the AURIN workbench. We are particularly interested in developing material that uses the AURIN workbench in a novel context or discipline. This collaboration can take various forms including guest lecturing, webinars, developing and delivering face to face tutorials, and developing and hosting tutorial and use case material within the AURIN Documentation and Help pages.

Have a look at some of our teaching material, or teaching case studies below. If you are interested in working with us to help develop and deliver some teaching material, please get in contact with our Outreach team by email here


Teaching Urban Analysis