New Data & Training Material

Expression of Interest

Does your research or teaching use spatial data to reveal new urban patterns or trends?
Does your research involve creating new & novel datasets?
Are you interested in extending your research and enhancing your academic profile?
Are you looking for new ways to deliver your GIS curriculum?
Are you interested in developing new training materials?

AURIN is looking for enthusiastic users and advocates of AURIN to:

  • Undertake a project (or extend an existing project) to create novel datasets for distribution via the AURIN portal


  • Undertake a project to develop subject curriculum materials which incorporate AURIN as a teaching tool


• The scheme is targeted at early or mid-career researchers
• Relevant GIS skills and experience
• Proven research or teaching track record in an urban or human geography related field, such as demography, economic activity, health, housing, transport, energy and water, and urban design.
• Capacity to deliver project within a 6 month timeframe


Through this initiative AURIN seeks to fund up to 4 suitable projects which will increase the quality of data available for access via the AURIN Portal and/or enhance the development of teaching materials available via the AURIN Website. AURIN is particularly interested in data and training materials related to important policy areas such as indigenous outcomes, health and epidemiology, housing, transport, labour force and employment markets, urban ecology

Award Process

The award process consists of two rounds. The first round (through this EOI) seeks to identify interested parties in providing applied research data with associated training tutorials, or comprehensive curriculum content

The second round will seek to match the applied research data creators with interested parties interested in developing tutorial materials through either self-selection or a matchmaking process. The final research proposals must include the access to new or novel data set (able to be licenced for sharing via the AURIN portal). Successful applications will judged based on the proposals access to new data stream or dataset, a matched partner cash or in-kind contributions, and the alignment to AURIN capabilities.

Data Licensing and Intellectual Property

All research outputs and training materials produced via these projects will remain the intellectual property of the researcher or educator. However, all outputs will be licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY)


The successful projects will receive up to $10,000 funding and full access to AURIN data and user engagement staff expertise.

Closing Date

Interested parties are asked to register notice with the AURIN Outreach Manager, Xavier Goldie by 5:00 pm (AEST) on 13 October 2017, by submission of a project outline using the template at the bottom of this page (a word template can be downloaded from this link)

Please direct any questions to Xavier Goldie on or (03) 9035 6550

Please address how the project or your team members meet the following eligibility criteria
AURIN Cash Request (Up to $10,000)
Participant (Staff In-Kind)
Participant (Other In-Kind)