AURIN for Government

AURIN provides a unique opportunity for all levels of government to quickly access the data and analysis needed for evidence-based decision- and policy-making, and provides the ideal means for your department or authority to release data to wider research community.


  • Ability to capture opportunities inherent in population growth, socio-demographic trends and economic activity.
  • Better integration if economic development, land use, essential services and infrastructure planning.
  • Ability to develop policies that respond effectively and efficiently to demographic, social, economic and technological trends across Australia.
  • Access in one location to the evidence base necessary to formulate and inform the most appropriate, cost-effective urban settlement and infrastructure solutions.
  • The availability and appropriate application of open source and creative commons initiatives in government decision-making.

“AURIN is an amazing resource for anyone working in local government seeking to undertake evidence based decision making for their communities”

—Strategic Planner, Local Government, New South Wales

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We have a dataset that we’d like to share with the research and policy sector

“The ability of AURIN to provide a one-stop-shop of data and analytical tools for policy makers is unmatched in Australia. It is a resource that every State Government must make full use of to support their policy agendas”

— Senior Policy Advisor, Victorian State Government

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How do I cite AURIN and AURIN datasets in my work?

“AURIN provides a unique opportunity for Federal Government departments to release their data through a robust and secure system for wider use by Governments, academics, industry and citizens. AURIN allows governments to walk the walk on their open data commitments.”

—Australian Federal Government Executive, Canberra.

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