AURIN for Industry, Start Ups and Citizens

AURIN provides a comprehensive suite of datasets for and visualisation tools to private industry and individuals, super-charging innovation for small, medium and large businesses, and empowering citizen-centred smart cities and towns.

AURIN provides Industry and the Public:

  • Access to the most recent research via a ‘one-stop shop’ that enables industry to innovate and be competitive in new and developing markets.
  • Strengthen the relationship between scientific research and industry, with research being a key driver of productivity and prosperity.
  • More viable and sustainable cities and regions in which to provide services and infrastructure.

“The ability of AURIN to provide access to thousands of datasets for free allows us to innovate and provide leading- and bleeding-edge products for our clients around the country”

—Director, Small Planning Consultancy

Does AURIN have the right datasets to support my work?

There is a dataset I want access to, but AURIN currently doesn’t have it?

Our organisation has a dataset that we would like to release for use by more researchers.

Is AURIN able to provide In house training sessions and workshops for our organisation?

How do I cite AURIN and AURIN datasets in my research?

We would like to partner with AURIN in our research and policy agenda.