This page is intended as a general checklist to assist AURIN and potential data providers who supply metadata and licensing information for publishing data via the AURIN Infrastructure. Completing this form will streamline the process of data release through the AURIN platform. If you are considering becoming an AURIN data provider, please refer to information for becoming an AURIN data provider.

We have included examples and links to further information to assist you in completing this form. If you have any questions please email or Phone +61 3 8344 3212.

Our collection, storage and use of any personal information that you provide to us via this page will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

PART 1: Data Details
A concise summary of the dataset including:
  • what the data relates to
  • when it was collected (including the duration over which the data was collected, if relevant)
  • the geographic location or demography from which the data was collected
  • the original purpose of the collection
  • accuracy of the information
When was the data brought into existence?
When was the dataset first published?
How would you like your dataset to be cited? Providing these details will encourage others to credit your work.
This tells you who owns the copyright in the dataset. All metadata records relating to the dataset will include this information.
Please select the terms of the licence or other permission granted by the data creator or owner in relation to the use the data.
AURIN provides metadata to Research Data Australia to support the work of researchers. Please confirm if you are happy for AURIN to supply the metadata information you have provided in this form to RDA.
If the data was created in the course of research and/or has it been published or discussed in published academic work, please provide a link to any research papers that have been published or are otherwise available in the public domain.
To your knowledge, does the data in this dataset form part of, or is it related in any way, to a dataset which has previously been submitted to AURIN?
PART 2: Data Release Checklist

Does the dataset fit within one or more of the following criteria?

Note: This helps AURIN to ensure that it is fulfilling its NCRIS mandate and delivering the best quality data to the research community.

Please select one or more of the following.

Note: This helps AURIN establish the provenance of the data that you are providing.

Please select one or more of the following.

Who created the data and/or owns the rights (eg. copyrights) to publish the data?

Note: You cannot allow data to be used or published unless you or your organisation have the legal right to do this. The data or rights in the data (such as copyright or confidential information) may be owned by more than one person or organisation. You need to be sure that you and each owner of rights in the data agrees to it being released through the AURIN Portal or other AURIN platform.

Please select one or more of the statements that applies to you.

Note: Your right to disclose or publish data may be subject to certain restrictions. For example, the public disclosure of data might compromise the ability to create a registered intellectual property interest at a future date, or disclosure or publication may be prohibited by an obligation of confidentiality. Please confirm that the data does not relate to the subject of any pending IP registration, and is not intended to be registered in the future, and that disclosure is not restricted by any obligation of confidence, whether under a non-disclosure agreement or otherwise. The disclosure or publication of the data may also be restricted by a Court Order.

AURIN is required to comply with the Privacy Act, further details are set out in our Privacy Policy. Under the Privacy Act:
  • personal information includes information or an opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable; and
  • sensitive information includes information about an individual's health, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, biometry, criminal record, sexual orientation, religious or philosophical beliefs and associations and political, professional or trade associations and memberships
AURIN is a trusted source of data for the research community. To protect its users, AURIN obtains consent to release data from its data providers. The most common format for consent is a licence. This protects data provider, AURIN and AURIN end users. If you answered yes to question 4 you may have already determined the kind of licence relevant to your data. If not, AURIN prefers to licence data through open data licence regimes like Creative Commons. Further details are set out in the AURIN Data Licence fact sheet.
If you are releasing your data under a Creative Commons licence, please select one of the options below.
You may host the data. If you do not have that capability, AURIN may host the data for you.
Please provide a link to a metadata statement, preferably including attribute level metadata.
Please specify a technical contact person