Landgate Data Application Form

Access to Landgate datasets is provided only through the AURIN Data Provider. In order for us to provide the dataset to you, you must be conducting your research as part of an academic institution and you need to be a current user of the AURIN Data Provider. This is because we need a pre-existing, bona fide identity in the ADP to assign the specific security role against for access to the dataset.

If you have not previously logged into the AURIN Data Provider, you can do so here.

Specific instructions on how to log in to the AURIN Data Provider can be found here.


1. You agree that you may only use Landgate Data for research, education and teaching, and publication (provided publications are limited to derived data and do not replicate Landgate data, or as otherwise agreed by AURIN) purposes.
2. In addition to the above conditions, you acknowledge and agree to the Landgate Clickthrough Terms of Use which can be viewed here.

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Please provide details of the individuals involved in your research project. (Name, position, organisation, role in project, ORCID iD (if applicable))
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We would appreciate if you would collaborate with us in the future to help develop a case study of the work that you undertake using the Landgate and other AURIN sourced data, to help promote your research and the value of the AURIN project to researchers.
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