APM Point Level Data Application Form

Access to the APM Point Level dataset is provided only to academic researchers who are conducting research at an academic institution and have an email address that ends with edu.au. 


These data are made available by Australian Property Monitors (APM) to approved researchers (Approved Users)

  1. Access to the data are given to Approved Users only. Approved Users may not disclose the data to any third person (whether or not they would also classify as an Approved User). Each Approved User agrees to use the data for academic research purposes only in accordance with the AURIN Terms of Use available at https://aurin.org.au/compliance/aurin-terms-of-use
  2. Publishing the results derived from the use of the data in a form such as a table, graphic or map is acceptable, as long as such publication provides no access to the original underlying data.
  3. By accepting these terms, you are confirming that:
    1. You will only use the data in accordance with the AURIN Terms of Use available at https://aurin.org.au/compliance/aurin-terms-of-use/ and the APM Terms of Use available here;
    2. You will not provide the data to any third person. APM is the final approver for the use of these data. You acknowledge and accept that, subject to APM’s final review of your application, AURIN may revoke and/or cancel your access at any time and for any reason without liability;
    3. You must not use the APM Point Level Data for any purpose other than undertaking academic research. Commercialisation of the data by any means is strictly prohibited. You must also refrain from combining or using the APM Point Level Data with other data sets in any manner which would allow the APM Point Level Data to constitute personal information within the context of the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth). This paragraph (d) prevails over any other terms which apply to your use of APM Data to the extent of any inconsistency.

Research Institute Details
Please note: This data is available through AURIN infrastructure for academic research only. If you are NOT an academic researcher please contact us for potential access.
Personal Details
You must have an email that ends with .edu.au to apply for this data. Please enter that email here.

Project Details
(Please note that WA data is temporarily unavailable)
Please provide a brief description of the geographic extent of the data that you require e.g. Greater Capital Area, Local Government Area. Please also provide a brief description of the temporal extent of the data that you require, i.e. what time periods are you requesting for the data?
Do you need this data for a current project or a future project? (please specify)
Please explain what your research project is about. Which part of your research project requires APM data? What are the kinds of analyses that you will be undertaking with your research? Who are the intended beneficiaries of your research project/What is the likely impact of your research?
We would appreciate if you would collaborate with us in the future to help develop a case study of the work that you undertake using the APM and other AURIN data, to help promote your research and the value of the AURIN project to researchers.
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