AURIN can provide free on-site face-to-face training for our academic and government users, through an AURIN Workshop. These are conducted on-site in a collaborative learning environment, and are tailored to the specific needs of your workplace and your research/policy agenda.

At an AURIN workshop you will learn how to access and explore data and assess its suitability for your research. You will learn how to use the AURIN Workbench tools (Map, Portal, API) that will help you analyse your data and quickly gain insights for your research. You will learn how to present this information into sharable knowledge, that supports your evidence-based decision making.

AURIN Workshops involve follow up from the AURIN Outreach Team, see how you’re tracking with your AURIN journey, to troubleshoot any problems that may have arisen, and to let you know about new tools, tutorials and datasets that might empower your spatial research.

If you’re interested in holding an AURIN Workshop at your workplace, fill in the form below, or email the AURIN Outreach Team

Please Note that we try to limit participants to a maximum of approximately 25
Please bear in mind that our ability to go deeply into a topic depends on the breadth of topics we choose. It is best to choose your top one or two areas of interest for a workshop of limited length - but we are always very interested in continuing to help you engage with our data and tools in an ongoing capacity.
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