Transport Network Performance

Transport Network Performance (SCATS and micro-simulation-centric)

This project will provide access to key traffic signal data throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan Area. The data will be disaggregated in time and space allowing for advanced research into traffic performance in the Adelaide Central Business District.
This project will also integrate other datasets that will allow the micro simulation models to be analysed and specific outputs to be developed. For the first time traffic data will be available for analysis over an entire year 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Project Overview

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Google Earth image of Adelaide with overlay of traffic light intersections

This project focuses on road network performance and providing a simulation environment where ‘What if?’ type questions can be asked, initially focusing on understanding patterns of congestion. It will develop a Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) data centric workflow demonstrated for the Adelaide City Council (ACC) area.

The workflow will be built and demonstrated to support a number of pre-generated scenarios for understanding congestion in the ACC and beyond. This project will take into account existing transport network infrastructure, (SCATS) data with the ability to create other key data sets (such as vehicle registration database, fleet vehicle data, travel demand models and/or traffic counts) to enable network performance to be modelled and evaluated.

Specific outputs will include vehicle kilometres travelled and volume profiles, pre-canned interrogable traffic models and processed models captured from repeatable and executable eResearch workflows via a What if? type mapping interface supported by the AURIN Portal. The demonstrator will be embedded within the specific situational context of the ACC area.

Project Deliverables

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Adelaide City Council (ACC) area

  • Determine acceptable level of aggregation for SCATS data with project partners
  • Aggregate and isolate SCATS data for ACC and two arterial road corridors
  • Develop a GIS mapping tool that will build upon the existing AURIN GIS mapping capabilities and WP1
  • Interim testing and evaluation of data service accessible via the AURIN Portal
  • Determine and develop micro simulation scenarios
  • Interrogable micro-simulation model scenarios and extend aggregated database to Adelaide Metro
  • Factsheets and scoping vision document outlining technical requirements and dependencies on AURIN infrastructure
  • Full eResearch ‘What if?’ tool applied within AURIN Portal final compliance testing and evaluation

Project Team Overview

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is a key area of research at the University of South Australia (UniSA), Flinders University and the Queensland University of Technology. ITS involves multi-disciplinary research of the economic, operational, social and environmental issues associated with transport and logistics. ITS offers a unique, integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to improving the performance, operation and understanding of transport and logistics.

The project team maintains close links with industry and Government in South Australia, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, and can provide practical and cost-effective solutions to traffic, transport and logistics problems. The ITS research the project team undertake is internationally recognised in areas such as travel demand modelling, transport systems modelling, environmental modelling and transport policy analysis.

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Project lead and main contact: Dr Georg Grossmann, Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC), UniSA; Prof. Rocco Zito, Flinders University; Emeritus Professor Michael Taylor, UniSA

Project CI: Prof. Rocco Zito, Flinders University; Prof. Edward Chung, Smart Transport Research Centre (STRC), QUT.

Members: Dr Marc Misca, Smart Transport Research Centre (STRC), QUT; Hao Guo, Smart Transport Research Centre (STRC), QUT; Dr Sekhar Somenahalli, UniSA (Project CI); Raja Rishi Muruganandha, UniSA (Software Development)

Dr Georg Grossmann
Project Leader & Main Contact
Advanced Computing & Research Centre
University of South Australia
08 8302 3194
Prof Michael Taylor
Emeritus Professor
University of South Australia
08 8302 1861
Prof Rocco Zito
Project CI
Head of Civil Engineering
Flinders University
08 8201 2834
EdwardChung_bwProf Edward Chung
Project CI
Smart Transport Research Centre
07 3138 1143

Project Partners

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