Project Landscape

Project Landscape

The vision of Project Landscape is to empower AURIN researchers with in depth Australian property market statistics and insights that facilitate ground breaking qualitative and quantitative research.


Project Overview

This project delivers secured access to aggregated and row level property sales information to researchers using the AURIN platform. The provision of data includes For Sale, For Rent, and Sold records Australia-wide. Researchers are able to download and utilise this data via the AURIN sandbox and external tools.

This assists researchers in obtaining timely and relevant data to support their research in relation to property market activity, prices and trends.

Project outputs

The project:

  • Creates an automated infrastructure for processing Australian Real Estate datasets to support researchers’ needs. These datasets are updated regularly and time series are available on all data types (i.e. For Sale, For Rent, Sold).
  • Delivers a data service that provides approved researchers access to aggregated Property Market Statistics and Row Level Event Data.

APM provides three main types of data:

  1. For Sale
  2. For Rent
  3. Sold (including auction results)

There are three different sets of aggregated property market statistics:

  1. General Statistics, based on aggregating individual property market events. Includes Median Price, Number of Observations and other detailed measures
  2. Auction Statistics, summarising different outcomes of property auctions. Includes Auction Clearance Rate and the number of observations for different types of auction outcome
  3. Private Treaty Cycle Statistics, based on summarising matched pairs of “For Sale” and “Sold” events for the same property. Includes Average Days On Market and Average Discount

APM also provides access to the underlying Row Level Event Data used to calculate the Property Market Statistics, to support particular modelling and more specific analysis.

Project Team

Australian Property Monitors (APM) is a leading provider of property data services to the major banks, real estate professionals, government agencies, media and consumers. APM empowers its customers with market intelligence for better informed decisions about property and the property market.

APM monitors residential property activity from a variety of sources including auctions, real estate agencies, government authorities and our own researchers, ensuring access to current and comprehensive market information. Our integration with delivers a rich source of current data including listings, sold results, property attributes and photographs.

APM has over 20 years experience in the industry with our solutions developed in-house and custom built specifically for the Australian property market. APM offers customised research services to a range of clients, ranging from private investors and property developers, to corporate multinationals and government bodies.

APM has earned high recognition with our statistics and insights regularly quoted in the nation’s leading print and online publications, TV and radio.

Yvonne Chan
Yvonne Chan
Head of Research
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APM has provided data to noted researchers, who include:

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