Household Transport Survey

Household Transport Survey (HTS) Harmonisation Project

This project enables a range of users, especially researchers, to access cross-jurisdictional household travel survey data to better inform sustainable, safe and productive transport planning.
Fig 3 Map Overlay visualisation of AURIN

Map overlay visualisation of AURIN

Project Overview

Although the various state transport authorities collect similar kinds of Household Travel Survey (HTS) data, they vary in detail. There can be immense value in aggregating that data across jurisdictions for broader management and analysis. However, often it is not feasible to define or impose a central repository for the data, nor even to define or impose a uniform standard for the data schemas. This project will seek to harmonise the different schemas at different aggregation levels in a federated manner and enable access to the data in the AURIN Portal.

Project outputs

  • Federated access to HTS data from different data providers through the AURIN Portal
  • Choices of access to a harmonised dataset and data-provider-specific data sets
  • Choices of access to data at different aggregation levels and pre-filtered and pre-processed forms
  • Pre-built visualisation of HTS data
  • Tools to help convert state-specific data sets to harmonised ones

Project Team

NICTA Software Systems Research Group – specialised in cross-industry data and business process standardisation, harmonisation, and reference architecture development using open web-based technologies for data access.

University of South Australia – specialised in transport-related research using HTS data.

Swinburne University of Technology – specialised in data mapping, data visualisation and model transformation tools to support repository integration for e-research in various domains (eHealth, business processes, software engineering, construction IT).

Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE), Germany – information systems requirements elicitation for e-government and information systems and strong experiences in transport and logistics projects.

Dr.Zhu_webDr Liming Zhu
Principle Researcher (Main Contact)
02 9376 2138

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