Harmonising motor vehicle and environmental efficiency data for Australian cities

Harmonising motor vehicle and environmental efficiency data for Australian cities

This project provides an e-Data service to establish a national motor vehicle registration dataset for Australia. The data collection harmonises the latest motor vehicle registrations available for states and territories combined with standard database of motor vehicle energy and environmental performance. The e-Data service is available through the AURIN Portal to support users wanting to evaluate the social-spatial patterns of urban fleet, energy intensity, environmental impacts and requirements.


Project overview

This e-Data service project is designated to develop a national database for motor vehicle data and environmental efficiency for Australian cities. It collects and harmonises previously separate motor vehicle datasets for Australian states and territories, and integrated motor vehicle data with standard vehicle efficiency data to measure urban vehicle fleet, energy efficiency and emissions by urban areas.

The e-Data service has been developed and integrated with the AURIN eResearch infrastructure. Giving access to those datasets allows researchers and planners and policy makers to explore the composition of current Australian urban vehicle fleet system, and extract information and visualisation on make and models, body shape, engine size, energy type, and standard measure of vehicle fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions and noise at spatially disaggregated scale. These e-Datasets and user services support a range of questions about social, energy, and environmental implications from the urban fleet system in Australian cities.

Project Output

  • e-Data services design & acceptance criteria documentation, including identifying the purposes and the functional requirements and design general data structure/format and communication protocol
  • Design & Implementation of Database. The data store and shareable data access services will be designed and implemented as data web services and provided in an API/protocol in alignment with AURIN e-infrastructure
  • Interim testing e-data services via the AURIN Portal. Testing performance and acceptance of the data web services
  • The standardised motor vehicle datasets are produced and stored on the data server. Data update mechanism will be designed and implemented
  • Producing harmonised motor vehicle data and vehicle efficiency data. The procedure will harmonise motor vehicle datasets for all states and territories, and integrating motor vehicle data with standard vehicle efficiency data
  • Deliver complete motor vehicle database to AURIN. All harmonised motor vehicle data by all states and territories are delivered to AURIN
  • Final testing of all the e-Data services and acceptance by AURIN

Project team

The Urban Research Program (URP) at Griffith University is one of the Australia’s leading urban and transport research institute dedicated to develop knowledge to improving understanding and answering the most pressing urban questions in Australian cities. Transport researchers at URP have been successful in delivering quality research on transport systems, services, infrastructure, and their interactions with socio-economic and environmental systems. The most data-driven research in the URP include the relationship between transport infrastructure and travel behaviour, transport disadvantage and oil vulnerability, motor vehicle fleet efficiency and urban freight. This group receives funding and support from multiple ARC funded projects, Queensland Government, and industries.

Neil Sipe_webProf Neil Sipe
Project Leader
School of Geography, Planning & Environmental Management
University of Queensland
07 3365 6671
Jago-Dodson_webProfessor Jago Dodson
Project Leader
Global, Urban and Social Studies
RMIT University
03 9925 9591
20150430_144818_webDr Tiebei Li
Project Management
Urban Research Program
Griffith University
07 373 59205


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