Development of a Disaster Decision Support System

One of the key problems in disaster management is to ensure timely information is available for government agencies and first-responders before they make critical decisions. Often the data is not available (does not exist, is destroyed or is not accessible or visible to the decision maker) when it is most needed, i.e., in the first 72 hours following a disaster. This is the period in which key decisions are taken about damage assessment (what is the impacted area and what is the magnitude of the damage) and resource allocation (e.g., regarding responders, hospitals, food, water). Without timely information, rescuers lose significant time for important tasks such as evacuation, locating clusters of probable survivors and, more generally, the optimisation of response and recovery operations.


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In collaboration AURIN, the Centre for Disaster Management (CDMPS) and Public Safety and the CSIRO to develop a proof of concept intelligent disaster decision support system for disasters in the Asia Pacific Region that integrates data from multiple sources into a smart geospatial platform with an advanced optimisation simulation engine. This system is demonstrating how to effectively use data and spatial models to increase the resilience of communities by reducing disaster disruption costs.

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