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The Western Australia Data Hub

Making WA urban datasets widely accessible.

Valerià Paül;

The Challenges

Currently, there is a large amount of Western Australia spatial information available through the Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP), giving WA a unique advantage in comparison to other Australian states and territories. Administered by Landgate on behalf of the State of WA, and in operation since 2007, SLIP allows users to access WA’s significant land and geographic information resources online. However, this data is not readily accessible and it is not harmonised at the Federal level. Given that AURIN is an already established Australia-wide Portal, processing and incorporating these datasets from SLIP into AURIN will enable WA geographic information on urban areas to become nationally available and integrated. In addition, interrogation and analysis using the unique set of tools that AURIN offers will be possible.

Despite SLIP being quite comprehensive, there are critical urban datasets which are not yet available. Urban researchers and policy-makers have expressed the need for these datasets to be publicly accessible. The additional information will enrich further urban research and improve the quality of decision-making.

Project Outputs

  • To prioritise urban datasets in WA for inclusion in the AURIN Portal. This will provide urban researchers and decision-makers across Australia the ability to interrogate and analyse WA datasets.
  • To ensure all data and metadata consumed in the AURIN Portal coming from WA, including the datasets already hosted in SLIP, are compliant with AURIN standards.
  • To incorporate additional urban datasets held by State government departments and agencies, or by research groups, which are not currently available, into the AURIN Portal through SLIP.

Project Team

The Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC) is a research collaboration between three public universities in WA: The University of Western Australia (UWA), Curtin University and Edith Cowan University, currently hosted by the UWA. It also receives financial support from the Department of Transport, Main Roads WA and the WA Planning Commission.

PATREC’s areas of expertise are transport policy and planning, and urban and regional planning. Its four key strategic activities are research, knowledge transfer, training and the attraction of additional research funds.

Four research programmes have been established to deliver high-impact outcomes:

  • Land-use transport modelling, economics and information
  • Integrated land use – transport policy and planning
  • Regional development and planning
  • Infrastructure funding and implementation

How the WA Data Hub Project Team is organised:

  • PATREC has assumed the role of coordination of the Hub. It will ensure that objectives are achieved and that the highly prioritised datasets are consumed in the AURIN Portal.
  • GIS experts from the Centre for the Built Environment and Health (CBEH) are fulfilling the management and implementation role.
  • WA Department of Planning is responsible for uploading some specific datasets directly to SLIP.
  • Landgate has committed to a business-as-usual collaboration, which is essential as SLIP is the intermediate infrastructure used by the Hub.
SB_profile bwProf Sharon Biermann (Main Contact)
Director of PATREC
The University of Western Australia
08 6488 3385
Dr Bryan Boruff
School of Earth and Environment
The University of Western Australia
08 6488 2700
Paula Hooper bwDr Paula Hooper
Centre for the Built Environment and Health
The University of Western Australia
08 6488 1199
Valeria_Paul bwDr Valerià Paül
The University of Western Australia

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