Sydney Data Hub

The Sydney Housing Demonstrator Data Hub

This project is building a central point of contact to AURIN for NSW housing data. It is developing a database combining online, offline and value-added datasets that can be used by other researchers. An administrative interface is provided on the hub to allow management of datasets.


Project Overview

The Sydney Housing Demonstrator Data Hub provides an initial test bed for the development of an integrated spatially referenced database of key housing data drawn from a variety of sources. The central aim is the building of a fully spatially co-referenced set of interlinked data based on the property record of all residential properties in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Data for the Demonstrator is sourced through the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, NSW Land and Property Information, Australian Property Monitors and Rental Bond Board amongst other sources.

This project demonstrates how a variety of spatially referenced data can be built up that facilitates a range of innovative analyses that has not been achieved to date. It provides a blueprint for the extension of the model to other Australian urban contexts.

Project Outputs

  • Provision of NSW Housing Data Server integrated with geocoded cadastrally-based datasets, with complete administrative interface
  • Value-add datasets to provide enhanced analytical functionality
  • Integration with appropriate Census geographies
  • Integration with the AURIN Portal

The basic technical architecture for the Sydney Housing Demonstrator

Project Team

City Futures is Australia’s leading urban policy research centre, having achieved the only 5-star rating in Urban & Regional Planning under the 2012 National Excellence in Research for Australia assessment exercises. Spanning the interrelated areas of urban planning, housing, design, development and social policy, our work aims to advance the understanding of Australia’s cities, their people, their built form, the policies that manage their growth, and their impacts on our environment and economy.

The Centre currently employs 19 staff with 11 Adjunct staff, 8 associate faculty staff and 15 postgraduate research students. With 2012 income totalling over $2 million, City Futures has a robust track record on external research income. In the main this funding is provided by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) and the NSW Department of Health. Other project sponsors include state government departments, local councils and private companies.

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