Adelaide Data Hub

Adelaide Data Hub

The Adelaide Data Hub has created an integrated spatial data platform to support urban and social planning research in South Australia. It collects, catalogue and incorporate datasets from all tiers of government and delivers through open-source spatially enabled web services, closely integrated with AURIN’s national web Portal.
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Adelaide, South Australia

Project Overview

The Adelaide Data Hub aims to:

  • Identify and source key datasets from the South Australian Government departments and local councils
  • Develop an integrated database accessible via open spatially enabled web services for interrogation and visualisation by researchers, planners and policy-makers
  • Provide access to Adelaide and South Australian datasets to the urban research community and participating policy and decision-makers
  • Enable more open access to research datasets through a collaborative data distribution hub for use in policy engagement, design and drafting for urban and regional planning, infrastructure planning, and modelling impacts on social, environmental and economic outcomes, and
  • Provide a demonstration of AURIN’s capability to provide an evidence base for designers, planners, policy-makers and researchers.

Image credit: Marketing and Communications – The University of Adelaide

Project Output

  • Identify key datasets to include in the AURIN Portal.
  • Collect datasets from data custodians and create appropriate metadata.
  • Develop an integrated, centralised database to host existing and derivative datasets in a standardised structure on The University of Adelaide infrastructure.
  • Upload South Australian datasets into the AURIN Portal to inform the research, policy and planning community.

Project Team

The Adelaide Data Hub project is led and managed by the Australian Workplace Innovation and Social Research Centre (WISeR) within The University of Adelaide. WISeR focuses on work and socio-economic change. WISeR is particularly interested in how organisational structure and practices, technology and economic systems, policy and institutions, environments and culture interact to influence the performance of workplaces and the wellbeing of individuals, households and communities.

In 2013, WISeR, in partnership with the City of Playford, Renewal SA and the South Australian and Australian Governments, received funding to establish the Stretton Centre; one of three national flagship projects funded by the Suburban Jobs program. Once established, the Stretton Centre will be a regional hub for integrated industry, workforce and urban development, addressing challenges and pursuing opportunities through research, collaboration and innovation.

1 John Spoehr WISeR 2014_BWJohn Spoehr
Subproject Leader
WISeR, University of Adelaide
08 8313 3730
WISeR_Bianca_webBianca Barbaro
Project Manager
WISer, University of Adelaide
08 8313 3351
Sarah_webSarah Crossman
Technical Leader
WISer, University of Adelaide
08 8313 3808
Greg van Gaans
Subproject Technician
Dunnottar Computer Logic Pty Ltd
0428 085 303
leanne_photoLeanne Buller
Technical Liaison
WISeR, University of Adelaide
08 8313 1771

Project Partners


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