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The goal of the project is to arrange a number of agreements between AURIN, the ACT Government and local councils in the ACT region to provide datasets into the AURIN Portal. These datasets, together with the datasets already available on the AURIN Portal from Census data and spatial microsimulation, will provide a powerful tool to analyse and map characteristics in the ACT and surrounds.



The aim of this project is to negotiate a number of agreements between AURIN and local ACT Governments that will integrate data available from the ACT Government and local councils into the AURIN Portal. These datasets will then be available to be merged, analysed and mapped with all other data available through the AURIN Portal. End users will include academics in the ACT region and Government staff in the ACT Government and local councils.

This aim will be achieved through:

  • identifying datasets available from the ACT and local councils;
  • organising agreements between AURIN and the Government’s to access these datasets, and then;
  • uploading the datasets to the NATSEM service using tools developed by Intersect. These datasets will also be kept as up to date as possible when new data arrives.
  • TAD07


  • Identify potential datasets with local councils and ACT Government
  • Develop agreements between AURIN and ACT and regional Governments to provide data for the AURIN Portal
    • Liaison with ACT and local councils to develop agreements
    • Provide early examples of sample agreements to clear through lawyers
  • Using Intersect Technology, develop and enhance system to upload data to a geoserver hosted by Intersect
  • Upload trial datasets and final datasets when available

Project Team

The National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) is one of Australia’s leading independent economic and social policy research institutes, and is regarded as one of the world’s foremost centres of excellence for economic modelling and policy evaluation. In recent years, it has developed a reputation, under the leadership of Prof Robert Tanton, in developing small area estimates of social and economic indicators.

Canberra Urban and Regional Futures (CURF) was established as a joint initiative with the Australian National University‘s Climate Change Institute and is based at University of Canberra. The overall objective of our research is to find new pathways and implementation strategies for sustainable futures for cities and regions.

Canberra, as a planned national capital, largely developed since the 1950s, provides an excellent example of many of the issues facing post World War 2 urban settlements, including being overwhelmingly car oriented and suburban in layout and design. As a city-region on our doorstep, Canberra presents an immediate opportunity to undertake original interdisciplinary research on ‘urban and regional futures’.

CURF staff have extensive experience and knowledge of the regions and local councils around the ACT to provide the required expertise in identifying and organising data agreements with these councils.

Intersect is Australia’s largest full-service eResearch support agency. We work closely with the research sector of NSW, including universities and relevant public and private sector agencies and their collaborating partners. Intersect works with the existing technical capabilities of its members and partners to identify, develop and deliver world-class ICT enabled platforms to drive the next generation of research and innovation.

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