Live! AURIN Portal BETA 6

More data, improved tools and visualisations and enhanced reliability for core functions – all now available with the release of the AURIN Portal BETA 6 on April 3 2015.


150 new datasets with many more to come over the next few weeks

  • 16 new datasets from PHIDU as well as refreshed datasets
  • 11 new Australian Capital Region Indicator datasets from the NATSEM
  • Data from the AURIN/CSIRO Energy and Water Project
  • 80 Country Level Datasets by the ABS
  • New datasets from the National Water Commission
  • Household Travel Survey datasets from NICTA



New tools and improvements to existing tools

  • Charts
    • Spatial Lag Residual Plot
    • Spatial Lag Response Plot
    • 3D Scatter Plot
  • Data Manipulation
    • SequenceNumbers
    • Dataset Attribute Filter
  • Spatial Statistics
    • Economic Prosperity Index
    • Employment Vulnerability Index
  • Specialist Tools
    • Age Aggregation
    • Spatial Aggregation
  • Social Network Analysis
    • Network Analysis (Estimate)
    • Network Analysis (Goodness of Fit)
    • Network Analysis (Simulate)
    • Generate JSONGraph (geocoded addresses)