NCRIS Symposium – Greater Impact through Environmental Infrastructure

The Greater Impact through Environmental Infrastructure Symposium will be held at the National Library of Australia in May.  This symposium celebrates the collaborative impact of 10 years of investment into environmental infrastructure, and provides a platform to foster new collaborations and shape future innovations to enable future impact.

With Plenary talks from Professor Suzanne Miller, Queensland Chief Scientist,  and Chief Executive Officer & Director of the Queensland Museum Network and Professor Mark Westoby from the Macquarie University Genes to Geoscience Research Centre and presentations from several of the NCRIS projects from across Australia, the  Greater Impact through Environmental Infrastructure Symposium will be showcasing achievements in research infrastructure and provide further learning for the communities NCRIS support to achieve positive impact.  Research, government, industry, and the public can all benefit from this  opportunity to network, explore and shape future innovations and foster new collaborations.

AURIN is proud to be collaborating with a score of great NCRIS projects to promote the research impact we have achieved through providing the research community with Australia’s first spatial intelligence network.

AURIN is a robust national e-research infrastructure that provides quality data and tools for Australia’s researchers, planners and policy makers.  As part of the program at this symposium, AURIN will be running a free workshop on how to get the most from the AURIN Workbench, helping researchers, governments and industry to generate meaningful knowledge – spatial intelligence – the evidence base for informed decisions for policy or research outcomes.

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