The metadata record captures and displays key dataset information for AURIN end users such as the dataset title, data provider details, copyright notice, licence and any special terms or information provided by the data provider for end users to be aware of. AURIN aims to make this information as user friendly as possible. If you have any questions about a metadata record, please contact

For further details about the different parts of the metadata please refer to the screen shot of a sample metadata record for the well known data provider PSMA Distribution Limited:

Screenshot of the dataset metadata window

1. Attribution

This tells us what method you must use to attribute the dataset.

You must include the required attribution in all published works that incorporate this dataset.

All metadata records will include this information.

2. Copyright Notice

This tells you who owns the copyright in the dataset. All metadata records will include this information.

3. Licence Type

This tells you how the data is licensed.

The Licence Types include:

  • Creative Commons (where data is licensed to AURIN under a Creative Commons licence);
  • Data provider licence (where data is licensed to AURIN by a particular data provider); and
  • AURIN Data licence (where the data has been licensed using the AURIN standard data licence terms.

All metadata records will include Licence Type information.

4. Data Disclaimer

Some data providers ask AURIN to include the data provider’s disclaimer with the data. This may be separate from or may be included with the Data Terms & Conditions.

If there is a disclaimer, the “Data Disclaimer” will inform you that the data provider is not responsible for any problems that may arise from certain uses, or even any use, of the data being provided.

5. Data Terms & Conditions

Some data providers have data terms and conditions that apply to the use of the data. These are in addition to, and separate from, the AURIN Terms of Use.

If a dataset has Data Terms & Conditions, a pop-up directing you to read and accept these terms will appear before you can access the dataset. If you do not agree to the Data Terms & Conditions, you cannot use the data – using the data shows you agree to the terms.

You must comply with both the Data Terms & the Conditions and the AURIN Terms of Use.

6. AURIN Terms of Use

The AURIN Terms of Use set out the terms on which you can access and use data and e-tools. You must comply with the AURIN Terms of Use when using the AURIN Site and its contents. Please read these terms of use carefully before using the AURIN Site. If you do not accept these terms of use, you may not use the AURIN Site.

7. Additional Information

Additional information the data provider wants you to know, if any.


What are the AURIN Terms of Use?

AURIN Terms of Use

The AURIN Terms of Use are the terms that you agree to comply with when you create an account, as updated from time to time.

The AURIN Terms of Use set out the ways in which you can use the datasets and e-tools made available through AURIN, and your obligations in relation to that use. For example, you must attribute datasets appropriately. You can access the AURIN Terms of Use here.

What are Data Terms & Conditions?

Data Terms & Conditions

We try to make as much of the AURIN Data available to users as possible. However, some AURIN Data, and some AURIN E-tools, are restricted by additional licence terms imposed by the data provider (what we refer to as the Data Terms & Conditions). Data Terms & Conditions may include restrictions on use, specific attribution requirements, and other important conditions.

If access to a dataset is subject to Data Terms & Conditions, a pop-up directing you to read the Data Terms & Conditions will appear before you access that dataset. By clicking through to the dataset, you acknowledge that you have read the Data Terms & Conditions and agree to be bound by them. The metadata record for the dataset will also include a link to any Data Terms & Conditions.