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Welcome to the AURIN/QCIF Challenge!

AURIN is Australia’s urban intelligence network.  We are a national collaboration delivering e-research infrastructure and data to empower better decisions for Australia’s urban settlements and their future development.  AURIN provides access to data for urban researchers, we are focused on making data accessible and also on accessing data.

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QCIF (the Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation) provides the high-performance services, infrastructure and support required to achieve excellence in computation and data-driven collaborative research and its application in industry. QCIF operates with its members and partners delivering services to research throughout Queensland and increasingly via Commonwealth programs to the nation. Our mission is to accelerate and strengthen innovation throughout Queensland research and business through broad-based and effective application of high performance computing, large-scale data management and regional, national and international collaboration.

AURIN and QCIF would like to challenge you to use data innovatively or posit how you might improve data gathering/accessibility. Through our collaboration with GovHack, AURIN and QCIF are offering you two options for winning our challenge:

  • Use Data – We challenge you to use open data in a fresh and innovative way that supports AURIN’s mission to improve life in urban settlements. Crossing disciplines such as transport, health, housing, liveability and environment, AURIN breaks down the silos of urban research supported by eInfrastructure provided by QCIF.

Caption: This prize is for projects that combine disparate data sets is new and innovative ways.   The prize will be awarded to the participants that implement an innovative use of cross disciplinary data for the purposes of improving our urban settlements.

Eligibility criteria: Use data from at least two distinct disciplines in your hack.  Outcomes should be related to improvement of urban living.

Prize description: Entries could be anything from building an app to telling a story or creating a visualization. You could combine health and transport data, or education outcomes and pet names, or combine historical or cultural information with urban tree and waterway health data.


  • Generate Data – We challenge you to devise a way to source data that can be fed into AURIN/QCIF for use by the Urban Research Community.

Caption: This prize is for projects that collects data or improves/eases accessibility of data for urban researchers working to improve our urban settlements.

Eligibility criteria: Present a solution for innovative data gathering/ data accessing that would support urban research.


Prize description:

Entries could be anything from building an app that crowd sources data about footpaths or location information of services, or a system to harvest information from social media on volunteer activities of people that could ultimately measure active citizen participation rates in cities.  The possibilities are wide open for this prize.  If you have an idea, please pitch it to our representatives and we can let you know if you are eligible for entry into this category (FYI you most probably will be!)


More resources for GovHack participants!

We have opened up some pretty cool data that can be used for GovHack activities ( Please Note: You DO NOT need to use this data to qualify for entry into the AURIN/QCIF Challenge)

Available for download:

You can access many open-source geospatial tools at the OSGeoLab

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