Features of the Beta 5a release

On 15 December, a new version of AURIN’s flagship facility, the ‘Portal’, went live. 

We decided to bring out a new release before the end of this year rather than wait until March for our final scheduled release, Beta6. 

This was mostly so that we could implement the final changes to the user-interface resulting from the usability assessment carried-out earlier in the year – no more major changes will be made to the user interface from here on. 

As with every new release, there is also a lot of new data and continuing improvements to tools and other functionality. 

Some features to watch for include:

·    Improved selection methods for study area

·    Bounding box geographical selection

·    New or improved tools and visualisations

·    Improved interoperability between tools

·    Map overlays

·    More than 150 new datasets taking the total to over 1,000