Building cities with data; Building business with data – AURIN in the media

guardian tileA new Minister for Cities, the innovation statement and conferences focusing on cities, health and urban issues: urban planning and data analytics are gaining traction as hot topics. Consequently, AURIN has been in the news in two recent media stories.

The Guardian

With the rise of big data, Australia’s future cities could be safer, more affordable and better for your health. AURIN has written an opinion piece for The Guardian Australia, advocating for good urban planning supported by sound data-driven evidence.

Read ‘Can a suburb make you fat? Can you cure traffic disease? The future of the data city’ online

Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review also has its sights on ‘big data’ and how data-driven intelligence can give businesses a competitive edge. The story ‘Westpac, Microsoft join ‘big data’ engine venture’ includes the AURIN and PwC agreement as an example of this approach applied to smarter decision making for infrastructure investment.