4000 Datasets

August 8th, 2018 by xaviergoldie

AURIN hit an important milestone today, securing access to a total of over 4000 datasets for immediate use by Australia’s research and policy community through the AURIN workbench. This milestone caps off a staggering period of growth in data access and ingestion into AURIN’s eResearch infrastructure (pictured below): over 2700 datasets have been added to the AURIN catalogue in the last 18 months, with almost 100 data custodians now providing access to their data to the research and policy community via AURIN. Together with a growth in users (reaching almost 11,000 at the end of July 2018), this rapid growth reflects the increasing recognition of AURIN’s role as the central data and analytical resource in human settlement research

AURIN has committed to working with our data partners to make these datasets as open as possible. Of the 4000 datasets available through AURIN’s workbench, 71% are available for free and open use (licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY) through the the AURIN Open API, while over 85% are available for non-commercial use through the AURIN Research API.

With our continued growth of data access and user numbers, and the strengthening of our relationships with multiple urban research and policy partners across the country, AURIN is now positioned as the central, crucial resource for evidence-based decision making and human-settlement research in Australia.