AURIN’s picks of Melbourne Knowledge Week events


How connectivity shapes cities; data science as a competitive sport; and mapping data to reveal Melbourne’s people and places

Melbourne Knowledge Week is a festival exploring the latest ideas and innovations in Melbourne’s science, technology, business and learning industries.

This City of Melbourne initiative runs from 19 – 25 October 2015, showcasing a broad range of innovative projects, institutions and ideas.

Here are the AURIN team’s pick of the more than 50 events at 35 venues across the city.

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Places for People 2015: Sharing Research Findings – Wednesday 21 Oct, 1:00pm

What can mapping data and information reveal about Melbourne and its people?

Places for People 2015 is the third iteration of a study, combining a detailed audit of urban conditions, spatial analysis and in-the-field surveys to provide a 10-year snapshot of the conditions defining the public environment. Join in to discuss distinct data and illuminating insights.

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Urban Connectedness: Shaping the Modern City – Wednesday 21 Oct, 5:30pm

Connectivity is driving rapid change in the urban landscape. The increased proliferation of sensor networks and connected devices is allowing the development of deeper insights into how people engage with cities supporting improvements in the planning of urban environments, as well as smarter interactions with their urban environment.

This public forum, led by our colleague Professor Stephan Winter, Fellow (Urban Connectedness) at the Melbourne Networked Society Institute, brings together a panel of experts to discuss how the networked society is transforming our cities and critically examine how urban connectedness can increase productivity, sustainability and liveability.

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Places for People 2015: Discovering Neighbourhoods – Thursday 22 Oct, 10:00am

In taking the well-established Places for People enquiry as a point of departure, the 2015 edition tests the frequently recognised premise that mixed-use neighbourhoods are the foundation of the sustainable city, both as a way of life and an organising principle.

Join this workshop for an exploratory discussion about the city’s future.

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Melbourne Datathon – Pitch NightThursday 22 Oct, 5:30pm

During the 2015 Melbourne Datathon (15–22 October), teams are set the challenge to come up with new insights, visualisations and/or predictions based on a provided dataset.

After a week of exploring the data, the Pitch Night sees teams present their ideas to a professional jury of data scientists and industry experts. The main focus of the jury will be on the team’s ability to translate their conclusions into meaningful, easily understandable and actionable insights.

The event’s goal is to bring people with an interest in data science together, educate each other, strengthen the data science community in Melbourne and have some fun.

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