AURIN/ERSA Urban Geospatial Workshop @ the University of Adelaide

This workshop will introduce the South Australian eResearch community to AURIN.

The AURIN Portal allows users to intuitively access some 2000 datasets that can be interrogated, visualised and analysed through a suite of open-source components. This forms part of an e-infrastructure facilitating access to distributed datasets to help urban researchers understand urban patterns and help navigate growth toward a sustainable future.

Using the AURIN network you can connect to repositories of the latest urban geospatial data, hosted by organisations including:

• state, local and federal government departments

the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

the Centre for Full Employment and Equity (CoFEE)

the Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU) and

• nearly 40 other data agreements accross the country

Further to this, a suite of over 100 analytical tools allows users to:

• interactively chart complex information

• generate detailed maps

• perform detailed testing of urban areas for issues such as

• neighbourhood walkability analysis

• clustering analysis

• socio-economic patterns

• scenario testing

• and much more!

AURIN is funded by the Australian Government under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).