AURIN Think Tank @ SimTect 2014

Advanced visualisation, immersion and a more direct human experience were discussed in the think tank and workshop held by AURIN and the Future Cities Laboratory from ETH Zurich at SimTect on 26-27 August in Adelaide.

“Streamlining approval and assessment in a one-stop shop capability are key if we want to engage the private sector to invest in our infrastructure”, said AURIN’s Assoc Prof Chris Pettit.

Comprehensive modelling of cities and regions makes it possible to complete evidence-based environmental assessments, cost and benefit analyses, and life cycle assessment all in one.

Drawing on existing live datasets to simulate factors within the environment enables rapid assessment of urban productivity, including land use; economic value; environmental sensitivities; social and public health, SimTecT brings together global and local best practice in new tools and capabilities to make this one stop shop evaluation a reality.

Thankyou to Tim Horton who organised this engaging Architecture and Urban Planning contribution to SimTect.

For more information visit this recent blog posting.

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