AURIN Booth at PIA Congress 2017

As our towns and cities face the challenges of growing sustainably, urban experts must consider a range of issues. Urban systems are complex and understanding how they function is critical for their future development.

The outreach team here at AURIN will be exhibiting how AURIN can help with spatial research and decision making for all facets of planning at the PIA Congress 2017.

AURIN is a national resource for researchers, policy and decision-makers.  We provide a secure and powerful digital environment that serves to connect all levels of government, academia and researchers together through streamlined connections to meaningful repositories of data and information.

Data acquisition can be time-consuming, costly and prone to delays. To add to this, accessing spatial data online can require specialised tools and skills. By accessing data through the AURIN portal a user has instant access to licensed data that is quick to retrieve and explore in an easy to use geospatial environment.

Researchers across Australia are using AURIN to access research-ready data on issues surrounding health and wellbeing, socio-economic metrics, transportation, and utilising over 100 analytical tools in our AURIN Portal, designed by experts for the spatial research community. These tools cover a range of applications, assisting in a range of possible analysis such as neighbourhood walkability, industry clustering, scenario modelling and statistical analysis. Users of our Portal are also able to upload their own data securely into their personal workspace, “MyAURIN.”  Combining a researcher’s own data with the 1500+ datasets available through AURIN opens limitless possibilities for research.

Drop in on us at our booth, search and discover spatial data to help with your research or simply learn more about our AURIN Workbench.

Accessing the system is free– anyone with an email address can log in with their existing credentials- and members of the community can set up their securitized cloud-based account at

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you are yet to register, hop onto the PIA congress 2017 website: