The National Health Services Directory (‘NHSD’), published by Healthdirect Australia, is a comprehensive and consolidated national directory of health services and related health service providers in both the public and private sectors across all Australian jurisdictions. The purpose of the NHSD is to provide consistent, authoritative, reliable and easily accessible information about health services to support health professionals with the delivery of healthcare.

Access to this data is given to Approved Users only. To apply for access to the National Health Services Directory via the AURIN Portal please fill out the following application form this form will be sent to Health Direct for approval. Please note that this data is available for non-commercial purposes only.

(In 2-3 paragraphs, please provide details of your research project, what you would need the data for, and your prospected time-line.)

This data is made available by Health Direct to approved researchers, policy-makers and decision-makers (Approved Users).

Access to this data is given to Approved Users only. Approved Users may not disclose this information to any third person (whether or not they would also classify as an Approved User). Each Approved User agrees to use this data only in accordance with the AURIN Terms of Use available at

By accepting these terms you are confirming that:

  1. You will only use the data in accordance with the AURIN Terms of Use available at; and
  2. You will not provide this data to any third person

Health Direct is the final approver of the NHSD dataset. You acknowledge and accept that, subject to Health Direct’s final review of your application, AURIN may revoke and/or cancel your access at any time and for any reason without liability.

As a condition of the use of this dataset, you agree that AURIN and/or Health Direct may contact you and/or highlight your research in a research impact case study and media, to highlight the value of the NHSD data to the research and policy community. AURIN and Health Direct will make all reasonable attempts to involve you in the development of these research impact case studies.