Rethinking Ageing with help of the AURIN Portal

The AURIN Portal will feature in a new open access online learning and teaching initiative run by The University of Melbourne which focuses on understanding how population ageing will transform the world as we know it.

Rethinking Ageing: Are we prepared to live longer?
A Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)
Population ageing is occurring in nearly every country around the word. This Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) takes a multidisciplinary approach to explore the impact of living longer and takes into account the technological advancements, the built environment, economics and ethics to rethink what it means to ‘age well’ now and in the future.

“We’re excited and delighted to involved! Using the AURIN Portal, students will be able access almost 1000 real-world datasets in diverse areas ranging from health to infrastructure, all in one place. We’ll teach and empower them to use this powerful tool to combine, analyse and visualise data that is so fundamental to understanding the major challenges and opportunities associated with our ageing population,” said Associate Professor Chris Pettit of AURIN.

This is the first massive open online course of its kind in Australia.

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