AURIN engages with research groups and organisations across the country to empower cutting edge research into Australian towns and cities, and to provide the data and analytical environments needed to answer the big questions about our communities.

Australian Transport Research Cloud (ATRC)

The Australian Transport Research Cloud (ATRC) is a collaboration between Australian researchers, planners and policy makers from academia, government and industry, that will deliver data and tools to accelerate transport research and impacts across Australia.

National Open Space Working Group

AURIN is collaborating with researchers from across Australia to bring our research and policy communities high quality, nationally consistent open space data. Our collective goal is to develop a consistent data model for the capture and communication of open spaces, which can leverage new conceptual and linked data techniques to deliver meaningful, ongoing results.


AURIN is collaborating with a range of eResearch facilities on Tinker. Tinker forms part of national research infrastructure that supports Australian researchers in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS). The HASS research community is the largest portion of the Australian research landscape by any measure, commonly understood to comprise more than 40% of current funded research.

AITI South Australia Data Hub

AURIN has embarked on a program to increase its value to decision makers and academics in South Australia, through the reinvigoration of its South Australia data hub, hosted by the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute (AITI) hosted by Flinders @ Tonsley. Situated in the heart of the former Mitsubishi Manufacturing Plant in Adelaide’s South, the AITI is one of Australia’s leading research centres into industrial transformation. AURIN will be working with AITI to bring the right data and infrastructure to bear on the big challenges ahead for Australia’s move to Industry 4.0

Network partners

AURIN has developed a national network of collaborators across academia, government and industry.  The AURIN Workbench is built by researchers for researchers, with data, computational infrastructure and analytical tools contributed our partners across the country.